Tuesday, September 11, 2007

More catching up.....

We've been living in California now for a little over a month. It's very different from the East Coast but I'm sure in time we'll grow to love it. In the first few weeks here we had some exciting times that we haven't had a chance to share yet. Matt's sister Jessie was here for the first few days after our move, so the three of us went into the city to explore. Matt and I also went into the city to go on a tour of his school which was really neat, and then we celebrated our first anniversary together where Matt surprised me with a night out at Lake Tahoe. It was a very special night for me because I spent a summer there with Campus Crusade for Christ and it was the greatest summer of my life (aside from the one where I got married!!). We visited the cabins that I lived in, and the resort that I worked at and enjoyed the beautiful mountains, blue lake, and weather.

So below are some pictures of these things. I'm hoping I eventually can catch up to where we are expecting the baby. :-) Everytime I look at that little ticker thing at the bottom of the blog I am SHOCKED. 45 days, 30 days, 16 days......1 day???!! whew. Good thing no one tells the babies about the "due dates". ;-)

A shot of some cool San Francisco row houses.

Jessie and I eating some good Thai food!

A view of Haight St. where we spent our afternoon walking around before saying goodbye to Jessie the next morning :-(
Matt works on installing us a ceiling fan. It took a really long time and since there was no current fixture in the ceiling, it involved Matt crawling through insulation in the attic to make sure the spot was properly reinforced. Matt got to use our new tools that we got as wedding presents!! It is sooooo nice having a fan now!! Especially when you feel like a whale and are hot all the time.

Pregnancy shot! It's time....do you think he's ready to come out??

Hey Jess... cool huh?? And it's got Matt's school logo in the background. These flags are hung all over the city designating the University buildings. They joke about whether the Academy of Art can take over San Francisco before Starbucks does.
It was really great for us to see Matt's school though. We met with the head of the photography graduate program and were able to see all the buildings and some of the classrooms that Matt would be in. We saw darkrooms and printing areas and computer labs that look like Mac advertisements. It looks like the equipment will be great and Matt has been very excited!

These last few shots are from our 2 days in Tahoe. It was a great, relaxing time. So nice to be back in a place I love so much!


Herb of Grace said...

Ooooooo, tomorrow is The Day!! Come on Baby Beardsley, start a new family trend and be ON TIME!!! ;)

Jessica said...

Cool street sign:-)