Saturday, September 8, 2007

Moving into our new House...

Here are some pictures of the few days we were moving into our new house and some pictures of the carpet getting replaced (another 2 weeks later). I'll try to post some pictures soon of what the house actually looks like now (very different).

Eating area (kitchen is off to the right), with a few chairs and LOTS of packed up wedding presents that we got to unpack for the first time!!! It's been like Christmas for the last month!!

Our kitchen, notice the dark insets in the cabinets....this is our pleather. mmmm pleather. Definitely the first thing we saw when we saw the kitchen of this house. It was cut out by the owners and superglued, yes, superglued to the cabinets. This was the FIRST thing that we said we would change when we moved in. The property manager said she was amazed the previous tenants lived with it, and that they had planned on changing it right away too.

One month later... We're thinking we like pleather. See you get used to it. Even though it is peeling off. But then, you look underneath and see all that superglue, and think about new school, new job, new baby and wonder just how much work you are going to put into a house that you are renting.
Old Family room, before new couches and new carpet and the big chair moving upstairs.
Lots and lots of boxes in the dining room. All of this is unpacked now and there is nothing in the dining room except the baby's pack and play. These curtains (all over the bottom floor of the house) are the second thing that Matt and I have given up on. We were sure that we were going to find an alternative as soon as we moved in, because they are OLD and DIRTY and UGLY, but now the Lord has opened our eyes and we can see that they are FUCTIONAL, and FREE. :-) my new favorite words!
New carpet time!!
Here Matt is, relaxing on our family room furniture in the kitchen! We moved everything into the kitchen for most of the day and slowly drove ourselves insane trying to figure out things to do while we were sitting and waiting.
An idea of what the carpet looked like before it was replaced. The stairs were, by far, the worst, but the rest of the house wasn't great either. It was pretty ratty and dirty and gross. I'm glad our little one won't be learning to crawl and walk on this gross stuff!

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The Nolls said...

Laurie -
You look fabulous! We are anxiously awaiting news of your new arrival. I'll be praying for your labor and delivery, for strength and joy through it all.
God bless you guys greatly!!!