Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Mocha in Action

Just a few pictures of the youngest member of our family (for a little while yet) and some of his adventures. Mocha has been with us from the international move to the beach, to the cross country move and for a lot of baby stuff assembly..........??
Getting ready for the big international move.
Mocha in the shower. Speaking of which.... I think it's about time again...
Seeing the Great Salt Lake with Jessie.
Poor Mocha misses his aunt Jessie. Sometimes we think about shipping him off to her but...
All this home improvement and setting up house can be exhausting!!

Time to try out some of this baby stuff!
Pack 'n Play.....check. O.k. for baby.
Bouncer....check. Also good for sleeping.
Changing table passes inspection also.

Well I hope you all enjoyed those pictures of our cat with TONS of personality and curiosity. He has been on nearly every surface of this house, but his favorite place is, by far, the changer of the pack n' play where he sleeps and monitors all the goings-on of the house.

1 comment:

Jessica said...

I miss my nephew cat!!! Those pictures a precious!! He has the sprawl down. I think he perfected it on the road trip:-) Feel free to ship him to the east coast whenever!!