Thursday, April 3, 2008

Happy Belated Easter

A great reason to continue to celebrate the gift of our Savior....reliving Easter a few weeks late. We enjoyed a great brunch with our church family, and Matt joined in the worship at church with his electric guitar. Here is our family picture! (We are outside of our church in Oakland, CA. where we are hoping to move in July when our lease is up in Martinez)

When we got home, after we had ALL napped :-) Joey got to open his Easter Basket. He got to try some new foods, since he was 6 months, and he got a few new toys.

As you can see (look at the shirt!) Joey had already enjoyed some of his new foods.

Daddy helping...

His favorite present was his little bunny from Matt's parents.

And of course, we had to put him in his Easter basket.

But not without his bunny!

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