Friday, April 11, 2008

Happy Birthday to Matt!

On Thursday we celebrated Matt's 27th birthday!! (Gosh I'm glad I'm not that old yet! ;-) We left early Thursday morning (probably not a great start for Matt's birthday - those of you who know Matt understand) and drove down to Monterey, CA. to see the Monterey Bay Aquarium (famed best in the states!) and spent Thursday night and all of Friday in Monterey.

We spent a day at the aquarium, ate some good seafood, went to a park and let Joey try his first swings. We decided to really throw caution to the wind when we stayed overnight and for the second day. (no naps for 2 days for a baby who is pretty specific about napping in his own crib - whew) Then today we sampled some local brew (at Bad Ass Coffee ;-) visited a museum (that's a funny story) and went whale watching. Then we visited a harbor seal nursery and sampled some more coffee and drove home. Finally Joey is asleep in his own crib and I really hope I can share some pictures tomorrow.

I had a great time with my sweet (and now slightly older) husband, and Josiah was really a champ!! It was a fun few days of many firsts for us as a family of 3!!

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