Monday, April 14, 2008

Monterey Animals

This is some stuff from our whale watching trip and then some pictures of new seal pups near the aquarium.

There is a seal pup right in the center of the picture. You probably have to zoom in to really see him. He's white and black and we were told that even the ones who are a few days old have more brown, but that one is a brand new one!

The last picture is of the Beardsley men on our whale watching trip. Joey was a trooper for the whole 3 hours (Matt did ok too). He spent most of his time inside...the sun and wind were too much for those little eyes. The boat was nice and had a large inside area with cushioned benches, bathrooms and room for his "bed" :-). When he wasn't watching sea lions and whales through the windows, Joey slept in his stroller. I was a little wary of a long day out on the sea, but Joey was great! (And we made lots of use of Joey's cute hat from his aunt and uncle!!)

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