Saturday, October 11, 2008

In the Spirit of Catching Up...

I have had so much that I have wanted to post about, but juggling the move and new job has proved to be too much! :-( Sadly, I'm not going to try to backtrack that far.... but I had very good intentions of posting more pictures of Joey with birthday presents!! He got some very cool presents from family and friends, and he is hoping to write his thank you notes soon! :-) Gosh Joey, get on that!

Thank you all, our dear family and friends for Joey's thoughtful birthday presents!

So a few updates:

We are safely moved into our new house! We have had meetings with just about every security company in the area and will make the final decision and have the house alarmed the beginning of this next week. We've been very lucky so far! We are also getting a new (motorized!) garage door this week! Our current door is a wee bit rotted, and won't open or close and is not automatic. We are examining samples of flooring also for the new floor in Matt's studio. We are hoping to lay that within the next 2 weeks. Whew! Matt did some electrical work last night and fixed some light switches that were not working and added some into a great attic space that is currently unfinished. He ordered some plywood to add a floor, and we will soon have a new space, nearly as big as a bedroom, for storage! It is very nice to know that we are starting to take the first steps toward adding resale value to this great house!

Matt's schoolwork probably suffered the most with the new move, but he has valiantly pushed forward and completely caught up producing some seriously praiseworthy images. He stayed up soooo late for several nights catching up with his wedding editing and school assignments. He is a natural and I am constantly amazed at how well he balances everything in his busy life. I have such a great husband!

Joey is doing great and seems to love the new house. There is a lot of empty room for him to "zoom" around with his walker. He gets a big smile on his face, pushes his belly against the front and takes off. No real walking yet, but he'll stand up and sit down, and cruise and cruise, and walk forever with someone holding 1 hand. When we saw the Dr. for his 1 year appointment 3 weeks ago, she said, (watching him move)... "he'll be walking in a week!" pshaw. ;-)
We don't mind that he takes his time!

I'm hoping to post some pictures of the house soon. I think I know where my camera is....

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