Friday, October 24, 2008

Play Play Play

Yesterday I was rushing to get Joey's update done before we needed to go to work. I didn't get to write about Joey and his play!! Which, of course, is pretty much, his life.

Joey got a Little People Noah's Ark set from Matt and I for his birthday. We wanted to give him something that we could explain to him in stories and show him in the Bible when he is a little older.

So now, at the top of this picture, you can see his best friend, Noah. Joey loves to play with the animals, but his favorite toy is definitely Noah. Noah goes in to the boat, and out of the boat, and in and out, and Joey holds him while he crawls across the floor and cruises around. He likes to carry Noah around and put him on top of bookshelves and tables and talk to him. It's fun to watch him get so excited about something.

Joey also loves (judge not other mommies) anything electrical. Matt thinks it's a boy thing, but if Joey can find a cord, then he is in heaven. He doesn't (obviously) play with anything plugged in, but he'll be happy for an hour with a cell phone headset and cordless phone (sans battery). It an object has a cord or plug then he tries to put things in it (yes we have our outlets covered!), even if the object isn't electrical. He likes to try to see if he can plug things in to other things. It's so funny to watch and really neat that he understands how that stuff works.

Joey also really enjoys putting toys (or rocks or anything) into buckets or cups or anything with a space to fill. He likes knocking over towers that we build, and building them up again. Last night he spent like 20 minutes putting blocks into an empty coffee can and then dumping them out again, and putting them in again. He is always trying to figure things out and then practice doing them.

He has finally become brave enough to splash in the tub, and I mean not like 5 month old splashing and smiling. I mean like, after a bath Mommy has to change her clothes and wipe down the walls. He soaks himself and his face and eyes and he could care less. As long as there is water flying EVERYWHERE and me shrieking in the background.

This little guy is so much fun!!

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Herb of Grace said...

Haha, little pumkin'! He's soooo cute. I love the way boys so busily fiddle with things all day long. Judah loves the take things out, put them in again game, too.