Friday, February 26, 2010

The Business of Being Born

Have you seen this movie?

It was recommended to me by a good friend, and Matt and I watched it before Joey was born.  Although we were already hoping for a birth with fewer interventions, I really enjoyed watching the movie and felt like I learned alot from it.  I watched it again before Matthew was born.

This is probably my favorite clip from the movie.  It helped me see how the process (which can sometimes be like a snowball going down a hill) can sometimes get out hand.

**Disclaimer, this post is in no way meant to offend and that would be my very last intention.  I am grateful for the births that I've been blessed with, and also incredibly grateful to medical progress and the wisdom of Doctors!

That said, I hope you enjoy this clip from The Business of Being Born:


The Nolls said...

very interesting. I've been wanting to watch The Business of Being Born for a while now. I'll have to check the library for it.

The Sinks said...

I've also wanted to see it. Although I had fewer interactions with Jackson's birth and was overall pretty pleased, they did start pitocin on me as soon as he was delivered, and I'm pretty sure they never asked me about it (I asked what was happening after they had started it). I wasn't too happy about that, so I could identify a little bit with the clip.

Matt and Laurie Beardsley said...

Cristen, that's really interesting! I'm really glad to hear about different experiences like that, either good or bad, just interested to hear how things go. I definitely think that things like Pitocin can have their place too, for sure, I am not anti-intervention. I just like being able to watch and learn about it and try to keep up with being informed. I'm really glad to hear about how things went for you. Thanks for sharing!

SB - you should definitely see it. I think for a movie about natural childbirth, it does a really good example of sharing an instance where a C-Section was necessary and important, and led to the delivery of a baby that wouldn't have been healthy otherwise. It seemed to me that it would have been really easy to just leave the whole experience out for the sake of making the movie (it was the producer's own delivery), but they kept it in and it was the ending of the whole documentary.

For ALL: The Business of Being Born is a "watch instantly" if you have Netflix, and totally worth your hour and a half!

The Sinks said...

Laurie, I agree that in the best interest of baby/mama, intervention isn't all bad. And if they had told me that I needed the pitocin for a certain (necessary) reason, then I would have been fine with it. But I wasn't happy that they just started it on me without me even knowing! I didn't put up a fuss about it, though, but still wasn't pleased with how it all went down. Oh well, other than that I had a great birth experience with Jackson!