Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Why the Olympics Will Never Be the Same For Me Again

I love seeing greatness; like reading a book that is truly a work of art or cooking a meal that is so good you have to eat it with your eyes closed.  Planting a garden and having everything come up and flourish (ok, so maybe I've never done that).  Or seeing someone do something that they truly love and are totally gifted at.

In college and for a few years after, I sat under the teaching of a pastor whose sermons so deeply engaged me, they are written in my heart and memory in a way that no others ever will be.

Well not to compare spiritual learning with the Olympics, but there can be some similarities right??

Michelle Kwan

Did you all watch her as a teenager and cheer for her??

I was heartbroken in 1998 when Tara Lipinski won the gold medal at Nagano.  I mean, good job Tara, but, ahhhhh.


She's just amazing!  Listen to the crowds.  They are crazy for her!  The announcers love her.  I haven't seen too many Olympics, but gosh..... if you aren't going to watch the whole thing go to 3:45 and watch from there.  The look on her face when she perfectly lands a jump.... The way the crowd cheers and screams, it's perfection.  It's true greatness.

I miss watching her skate so much!  I wish she were in Vancouver now.  I wish I could give her that gold medal, the one she never received because boy did she deserve it!  She was (I'm sure still is) such a beautiful skater.  

The clip below shows probably one of her most famous performances.  I learned alot from reading her bio on Wikipedia. It really took me back to watching one of my peers in her greatness. Tonight and tomorrow night won't be the same without you Michelle!  

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The Sinks said...

haha, I had forgotten about your love for Michelle, but then remembered when I saw your post!