Thursday, February 25, 2010

Things I Love

I've read alot of "things I love" posted lately:  Here are a few others to see.  So I thought I'd do one of my own. I hope you enjoy.  This by no means, is demonstrative of all of the things I love, of course...

Finding a new recipe that looks great

Making the recipe and finding out that it is great

Keeping up with old friends

Making new friends

Coffee with wimpy flavored creamer

When my husband smiles and really really laughs

The wrinkles next to his eyes when he is happy

People complimenting Matt's photography

Joey seeing me come into the church nursery and running to meet me with a huge smile on his face

freshly washed bed linens

new bed linens

bed linens with a high thread count (Miss you Elizabeth!!)

When Joey asks to read his Bible

Matt holding my hand

When we get good business



Freshly vacuumed carpet

Chris Tomlin, good praise music

When Ziggy behaves


Children's books and pocket charts

Lemon flavored desserts

Vacations, and the beach

Our honeymoon

When my friends have babies

Visiting friends, visits from friends

finishing a good long run

The way Joey says Dora and Boots

The way Joey says Yes Ma'am  (Me yea!)

The way Joey says everything

clean clothes, clean clothes all put away

Seasonal coffee

The smell of summer nights (not here, it doesn't smell like "summer nights" here)


Hearing Joey through the monitor in the morning "Mama...... ARE YOU?"

Zip up baby p.j.s and clean kids

swimming in really cold water (in the summer!)

My husband's generous spirit

Watching Joey bow his head to pray

Getting free stuff from Craigslist

Having children

Everything about Matt (even the annoying stuff!)

Ok, that's just a bit...

One more... when Matthew chews on his pacifier like this:

What do you love?  I'd love to know!


ESC said...

I was reading your post and as soon as I hit the first sheet one, my heart ached for you instantly. Hello to my long lost fellow lover of all good things linen. :) I miss you too!

Herb of Grace said...

Ah, sharpies, how I love thee...

Also, freshly sharpened pencils!