Thursday, January 3, 2008

So much little time to write about it!

Well Matt and I are enjoying a fun Holiday Season on the east coast! We arrived on the 23rd of December (after 2 delayed flights!)...really we were lucky to have arrived on the right day, so many flights were delayed. The baby was wonderful on the planes and seemed to adjust quickly to the new time zone. We enjoyed a relaxing evening and a fun Christmas Eve and Christmas day filled with showing our cutie off at church, Beardsley family traditions like Christmas eve waffles and the Cajun Night Before Christmas. We visited with Matt's Grandparents who came to Asheville and all worked our way through Christmas Day with baby (open present, feed baby, open present, baby naps, etc....)

In the days following Christmas we have visited friends in Harrisonburg, and Family and Friends in Winchester, VA and Northern Virginia. We enjoyed a great 4 days with my parents (and even got out for an evening to see a movie!). On New Year's eve we went to a get-together with some of my friends from college and got to visit with some more babies! Afterward we visited with my grandparents and more family in Winchester and are now back in Asheville for Aaron and Sarah's wedding. I have so many fun pictures and videos to share but they will have to come a little later!!

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JRob said...

It was really great seeing you two. We will have to keep you in the loop for our New years plans next year ( and may be plan a time to come visit you in the next couple of years.)