Thursday, January 17, 2008

Blah Blah California Blah

Granted...I could probably blame anything on California at this point BUT the traffic here is OUT OF CONTROL!! We knew when we arrived that it was going to be insane....people flying by you on the interstate, doing, let's say 95 mph! Seriously, sometimes, seriously!

So, on Tuesday night as Matt and I were enjoying some time together with Joey, driving to a fish store to pick out some accessories for Matt's new tank, we were rear ended. Tell you what, I have been rear-ended before, but this was HARD! The (nice-but irresponsible) offender was lost/visiting in the area, and talking on her cell phone. She must have been looking down or away because she didn't even tap the brakes. Matt saw at the last second in the rear-view mirror as she crashed into us and pushed us into the car in front of us. (We were stopped at a red light)

So aside from being pretty badly shaken up, we are o.k. Matt fared the worst, by unfortunately, seeing the crash a split second before it happened, he thinks he tensed up. His back is hurting now. He stayed home from work yesterday and has tried to take many breaks at work today to rest his back. Joey, it seems is o.k. He cried alot when it happened, and it was scary to look at the backseat, his pacifier was somehow almost wedged under the car seat, and the toys that had been on his lap were all over the car.

Poor Moby (Matt's car) has been better. The bumper is all cracked and the car frame kinda compressed or something. We couldn't close a door at first and all of them now close with difficulty...some with lots of difficulty. State Farm has been great and we're hoping to have it all figured out soon, but please keep us (and especially Matt's back) in your prayers. Accidents are always awful and scary, even when they aren't your fault. We definitely feel very blessed to all be o.k. and to have a safe car that could withstand a serious impact.

(As I was typing this Matt looked over and said "Tell them that lady was going frickin FAST and she never hit the brakes!" It's true, she was. Her airbag even deployed. She plowed right into us!)

And my CA complaint(s) finally... I see so SO many people driving who are talking on the phone or WORSE, texting. So sad. People, come on. People drive WAY too fast, all the time! When we called for help 911 was BUSY, and the police officer gave us a really hard time about exchanging info with the lady who hit us. He practically pushed us off the scene saying "You don't need to do that, all the information will be in the report." Blah Blah Blah report.... did we get a report....oh no! He gave us a little piece of paper with his number and our case number on it, and we get home and read, "To obtain a copy of the report send date, time, officer's i.d. number etc. and $10.00 to the California Highway Patrol! WHAT???!! Someone hits us, and WE have to pay $10 to get the information that the officer wouldn't let us exchange on the scene.

Matt and I are going to go plot our return to civilization now.


The Sinks said...

Praise God that you all are ok! I'm so sorry to hear of the accident, sound like just another thing to add to your icky-California list! I bet you'll be glad to get back on the East Coast if God brings you back here! Oh, and Happy B-day Joey! Kathryn sends you some more hugs and kisses! (Check out our blog to see his debut there!)

Herb of Grace said...

Oh wow! I'm sooo glad you're all okay! And I have to say, there's a selfish side to me that is glad you really hate Ca. Maybe you'll be easy to convince to move back to the east coast, where people are more normal and all the people who love you live!

Sarah said...

I'm so sorry to hear that and so relieved it wasn't worse. I hope Matt is taking care of his back. Why does it have to be a woman on a that just doesn't help the rest of us women out :-)

Happy Birthday Joey! Such a handsome guy and growing so fast. I'm sorry we didn't have more time with him over the holidays.