Monday, January 28, 2008

Such a fun wedding!!

The happy couple at their party 2 days before W-Day. Matt's parents hosted a make your own quesadilla party for friends of Aaron and Sarah...after eating we all went out contra dancing (which is the dancing that they had at their wedding).
The best of friends.
Jon Ammons!!
Pretty Bridesmaids! The lovely lady on the left is Layla, Sarah's sister, and on the right, Sarah's matron of honor Allison, who I admire heartily for looking so fantastic in her dress (she has a son the same age as Joey and she looked great!!)

Watching the baby....before the wedding
Matt practices the piano before the ceremony. He wore many hats at this wedding, rotating between pianist, scripture reader, photographer and best man! Check out his website for pictures of the wedding!
Joey was very attentive during the ceremony!
Matt gives the toast at the reception. I did have a video of this but due to my failing computer with no more hard drive was eaten.
It was a really fun time! We are lucky to have such good friends and a great example for our own marriage. I admire so much the way they understand each other's needs and desires. It is very inspirational! Congratulations guys!!

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Sarah said...

Thanks Laurie, can't believe the last picture was taken during our humpback rock trip! mmm, i like eating wild nuts :-)

you and matt have been an inspiration for us too. i think you both convinced aaron there IS life after marriage. most of all your commitment to each other and to your marriage has been a great example for me.

Thanks for everything!