Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I'm 4 Months Old!!

Tuesday Josiah was 4 months old. He is growing so fast and doing so many different things now. He loves to babble and seems like he really thinks we are having conversations. He smiles and laughs easily and is usually in a pretty good mood. He enjoys standing and sitting the most and is starting to tolerate being on his stomach for a little while, (although usually when I look back he has flipped onto his back). He is very good at getting things into his mouth and can often find a thumb to suck, (but more often it is several fingers or a whole fist). He is napping and sleeping well and eating...lots. He has enough hair that I can brush it into a little faux-hawk :-) and that, I think, is very cute! is a little clip and pictures to celebrate his 4 month milestone. As far as our family celebration, we enjoyed Joey's 1/3 birthday with a car accident!... but that's a story for tomorrow's blog.

Who needs to buy a fancy baby carrier??

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