Monday, March 9, 2009

A Great Visit

A few weeks ago, we had a visit, from my college roommate and dear friend Becky, her husband Tyler and their daughter Eve (who is 3 months older than Joey).

We all had great fun (although it was the beginning of my FLU, blah!)

It's fun to have a friend to ride with in the car!

Someone was not used to waiting at the top for the Photo Op.....and couldn't stand it!!

First bath with a friend!!

Eve is thinking "What is that boy doing??"

Who says you can't dress a boy and a girl alike??

Eve LOVED Mocha. Mocha tolerated the extra attention most of the time, but after they all left, he seemed a little sad....

Watching as Becky and Tyler pull off into the distance...

We had a great visit with you guys!! I hope we get to do it again soon! Thanks for coming to see us! :-)

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