Saturday, March 7, 2009

Yeah Baby!!

Last night at 9 Joey and I went and picked up Matt at the train station. He had a great (but definitely exhausting time) and we are so glad to have him back. Joey and I are hanging out now in the family room ignoring Veggie Tales waiting for Matt to wake up and then we'll have a fun brunch (Matt and I, Joey already ate) and find something fun to do on our Saturday. We've talked about going to the Zoo (we have a good zoo here in Oakland, believe it or not) or a hike (to use Joey's cool framed backpack in our nice weather) and we are ordering a pizza for dinner!

It's so nice to have him back!! Thanks so much for your prayers during our time apart!!

**I saw a statistic, that the average 2 year old (I know Joey isn't quite 2 yet...) watches 2 hours of t.v. a day, an hour for a child over one....) How do they do this?? I would like to know. I can't GET Joey to sit down and stay still for anything. If I want to take a shower and put on a Baby Einstein I put him in his walker just to keep him semi-confined!! I do not see him sitting to watch anything in the near future unless I actually DUCT tape his little butt to the floor.**

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Herb of Grace said...

It's all in the training, you know. If you want a really good tv watcher you've gotta start them younger than Joey. Say, maybe, six months old? Start with 10--15 min at a time (can I suggest a little Caillou?) and work your way up.... Then by the time they're 2, they're real champs and can sit and stare and have their intelligence drain out their ears for two, even three hours at a time!

I'm sad to say I don't think Joey will ever really be competitive in this department. You've just left it too long.