Monday, March 9, 2009

Not Me Monday

I've been wanting to participate in....

For a long time. You can find this funny blog on MckMama's blog. And If you are just checking her out..... I would recommend her Not Me Monday for this week. It's pretty funny!!

So please enjoy my first attempt...

I am definitely super-attentive all throughout church and because of that, I definitely did not play a game of you poke me, and I'll poke you back with Baby Boy Beardsley #2 you in the middle of our sermon yesterday! If I had, I definitely would not have laughed aloud and then made Matt touch and poke at the fetus, also during the sermon. I am way too Godly for that!

Today when feeding my son pretzels during snack I did not pick out all the salty ones and eat them myself. That was definitely not me. When the salty ones were all gone I also did not resort to re-examining the discarded ones and eating half of a few of them that had salt on them. When there were only 20 or so left in the bag, I definitely threw it away, I did not keep the bag intending to feed them to Joey at a later snack, because by golly if they weren't good enough for me, they definitely weren't good enough for Joey. Those pretzels are NOT in our diaper bag right now.

Today after Joey woke up from his nap (at the house that I nanny at) I had remembered to take a few toys out of Will's room for Joey to play with, like I always do. I would never rely on him to sleep later because of daylight savings time. If I had forgotten to remove said toys before Will went to take a nap, I would NEVER have crept in to get some toys so my own child wouldn't be bored, and risk waking up my little charge. Even if I had snuck in, I would definitely not have planned to tell Will if he woke up, that it wasn't time to get up yet, and make him stay in bed. Not me!
(I promise he consistently sleeps an hour or so longer than Joey and really needs it!!)

Hopefully I'll have many more Not Me's in the future. There are so many funny things during the week that I should confess to, but it's hard to remember them all on Mondays. Looking forward to more though!

**Challenge** Lisi.... I can't imagine a NOT ME that I would rather read, than one which had emerged from your, I challenge you to "NOT ME" in a week. I'm looking forward to it!! ooooo oooo Sarah Gach too!! I want to read some "Not Me's" from Africa!**


La Familia Garcia said...

That was cute! I'm sure it will get easier to remember them...I like the pretzel craving! haha

Herb of Grace said...

You're on, baby! ;)

Matt Beardsley said...

Wow, there should be an award for the youngest baby to ever disturb a church service... I'm so proud!

The Nolls said...

Ahhhh, I love Not Me Monday, and it is so fun to see someone I actually know do it!! Way to go!
I feel the same way about salty foods when I'm preggs... and it's like the last thing we need too, but it's just oh so good, right? haha. great not-me-ing!