Sunday, April 5, 2009

Introducing Ziggy...

He was a little smaller than we expected when we got him (only 7.5 lbs) but in 6 days he gained over a pound and a half! He's over 9 now and still putting it on! I guess since he doesn't have anyone to compete with for food anymore...? We are really enjoying him (except Mocha, who is feeling very resentful right now). We are working hard on housebreaking him, but got some great tips from Matt's mom (who just got a puppy a few weeks ago) and recommended treats when he goes outside and using the crate (or we have a pen sorta thing) when we can't be in the kitchen with him. This has really helped keep down the accidents. Actually we haven't had any, anywhere else in the house (except the kitchen and family room where we keep him-and really only a few there). He came to us paper-trained, which was a great surprise after we put down some newspaper and has really been trying to get us to take him out when he has to go. (those treats must be working!!).

He's been hugely patient for baths, a collar, walking on a leash, and sleeping in a crate (all of which are new things). We are working on helping Joey to understand that he is bigger than Ziggy (because Ziggy tends to get excited with him) and can stand up, move away or even push Z down if he needs to (like he is getting bitten). Joey is learning to grab and protect his toys "Nah!! Nah!!" (No!) and run away with them, (Ziggy's toys too for that matter when he wants to make a point). But Z just seems to enjoy having the company and attention and love. He sleeps ALOT, and wants to be held and pet as much as possible. We're enjoying it now, because it will be hard to hold him later!

He'll visit our vet for the first time tomorrow morning and we'll make sure he is in good shape and we know how to take care of him well. As far as a slight increase in laundry though (and ALOT of trips outside) we are loving this puppy and so glad that we got him now! This was definitely the right time for us!

And we're hoping that eventually we might be forgiven...


Laurie said...

As usual....I am not up with blogs, I'm not up with real people in real life....but my business taxes are done and I've learned I can survive (and teach all day) on three hours sleep.

Anyway - I had a moment here at the school to blog hop - and YOU HAVE A PUPPY?!?!? What when ??? AND it is the CUTEST puppy in the world...totally the cutest puppy in the world.

Also...that photo on the cover of CMYK is just wild and crazy and what the??? Is that Joey? How did he do that photo? It's just crazy.

By the way - it's in the mail - HORRAY! Calf. DMV better leave you alone now!

Lexie said...

The pictures of Joey and Ziggy are so adorable!!