Wednesday, April 29, 2009

M & M Juice

M & M Juice: What happens when your toddler has finished his "one more bite" of lunch and you decide that he can have a few M & M's as dessert, but he can't bring himself to chew and swallow that last bite, so he crams in all of his M & M's and basically just sucks on everything in his mouth (which later you may or may not have to scoop out the remains of the lunch he "ate") while the actual dessert melts away, and or dribbles onto his chin and bib, hence... M & M juice.


The Liebers said...

I am very disappointed that there is not a picture!! What kind of a mother are you!?!?!!


Herb of Grace said...

Laurie, I think maybe you need to get out more.... Do I need to come over and take you out shopping? Don't tempt me, I'll do it, and then what will you do?

JRob said...

I love this post! hahaha it made me giggle and gave a great glimpse into a sweet moment in your house... what a great outlook! M&M juice.. hahaha. Hope you are amazing! jrob