Tuesday, September 8, 2009

3 Months of Matthew!!

Technically our littlest Beardsley is not quite 3 months yet (just 1 more week) but it's close enough, and I definitely won't have time for a 3 month post because (among other things in our exciting life) we'll be planning and celebrating Joey's 2nd birthday!!

First some stats: At Matthew's 2 month appointment he was

13 lbs 12 oz (80% percentile)
24 1.4" long (80% percentile) and
16 1/2" for his head circumference ( 70% percentile)
It's been interesting having a baby that is so much bigger than Joey was at his age. I have pictures of Joey in an outfit at 10 months that Matthew can wear now! He is in mostly 3-6 month clothes, and cute as a button!

He smiles ALL the time and has started to laugh a little.
It took me forever to get those smiles on camera because he just stares at the camera in amazement and then when I try to catch his eye to make him smile he looks away from the camera. He LOVES to look at people though and will smile when he just sees someone come into view. He smiles lots at Joey who always comes to greet him whenever he sees him!

Here he is having his first bottle (way back during his first week).
A few other tidbits:
*He has a funny cowlick in the front, I think he definitely is going to have little boy hair straight from the beginning.
*He doesn't really mind his tummy time (Joey would scream like we were hurting him!)
*He goes to bed somewhere between 7 and 8 and sleeps until about 8 or 9 (usually waking once to eat at 4 or 5 a.m. and sometimes twice if I wake him to feed him before I go to bed).
*He is still swaddled
*He loves his playmat and small mirrors and will smile to himself while looking at his toys.
*He is a pretty light sleeper and we are really blessed to be able to put him in our guest room now while he still wakes to eat. I have this fear of finally combining both boys in one room and having them wake each other!
*He still sleeps most of the day eating every 3-4 hours and then playing/laying/swinging for about an hour before getting wrapped again to sleep. Right now he takes a loooong morning nap, and an average afternoon and evening nap.
*He and Joey wake up at about the same time in the morning...this is very much a blessing and a challenge :-)
*He is a mover and wrestles his way out of most swaddles, swaddling blankets, duct tape (oops, I mean...) that we use. I think he will move faster than his brother, but so goes it right??
*He also "talks" alot and makes lots of cooing sounds, something Joey didn't do too much either.

We are having so much fun with him!! Hope you enjoy the smiles!


Daniel and Kimberly Jordan said...

I loved reading about little Matthew...you're right, our munchkins are so similar right now!! He sure is a cutie!

Derwood Moms said...
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Andrew, Naomi and Madeline said...

What a cutie! (Sorry the deleted comment was from me. I was just logged in under the wrong name.)

The Sinks said...

how sweet! love the video!

Mark and Kristin said...

Laurie, your newest family member is absolutely precious! Thanks for sharing all of your sweet photos...makes me that much more excited to become a mom!