Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New Pictures on FACEBOOK

So I don't have a facebook account. I can't.  I just can't.  I'm way too addicted to blogging, and then checking other people's blogs.

Well, mostly just checking other people's blogs.  Particularly when I should be doing something productive like (helping Matt with business items, putting away laundry, washing diapers, washing dog, washing children, sweeping my kitchen floor, washing myself, sweeping my kitchen floor 15 minutes after the last time I did it, etc...)

So I haven't had chance to download any of my recent pictures yet, but wanted to share some cute pictures of a recent trip to the beach that we took with Joey.  So I'd like you all to "friend" (ohmygosh, is that right?) my husband, Matt Beardsley.  Even you blogstalkers.  Please friend him so that you can look at these pictures.  Plus he'll get lots of invitations and wonder what the heck is going on.  PLUS then I can spy on you when I am poking around on his facebook..... oops.  I mean, then he can see what you and your family are up to!  :-)  

.....because I would never be so ridiculous as to not get my own facebook account, and instead use my husband's to check out people's pages. Def. NOT!!  

Don't worry if you and Matt aren't great friends... He's probably heard me talk about you, and really, Matt is definitely the kind of guy that would be excited anyway, because he's just nice like that. Plus I'll tell him that I told you to.  Go ahead.  Go!!  MATT BEARDSLEY.  Here!  Isn't he handsome?!  :-)

Now you can see our great trip and all the fun we had with Joey at the beach!  

If you're feeling really generous you can follow his photography page, which would be great encouragement for him, and then you can see how talented he is.  

Thanks everyone!

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La Familia Garcia said...

toooo funny! I started facebook before blogging....otherwise, I get you!