Saturday, September 26, 2009

Smiley McSmileson

Tomorrow we are having a party for Joey's 2nd birthday.  His birthday was the 15th and we celebrated that day as a (small) family, but we are having a larger celebration today for friends and because Uncle Rob could visit from L.A.  We have been having a great time.  We just got back from a great dinner and time checking out a brewery in Mountain View.  It was fun.  And I have SO much to do before the party tomorrow.  So much.  And I really should get on it, but my littlest one is such a joy that I don't think I can bear to part with him now. 

 I know he's tired.

...And I'm tired. 

 It's been a looooong day!  I have food to cook and streamers to hang and a cake to bake but there is this priceless little gummy boy grinning at me like I am the greatest thing in the world, and I honestly can't move from this spot (ok. I can move enough to write this blog but he is grinning at me while I do it!!!).  

I think for now, we're just going to snuggle and then go to sleep.  Because I know in a minute we will be having his 2nd birthday party and I will be struggling to remember what his toothless little smiles looked like.  And right this minute... those smiles are just for me.  

The cake is not made and there's fur on the floor
And come 1 p.m. friends will be at our door
But it's just not enough to put me to sleep


Sarah said...

I remember when Ethan was flashing toothless smiles, and you advised me to soak in every gummy moment because it would pass in a flash. You were right. I'm glad you're taking your own advice and getting lots of snuggle time in with the fresh baby! I can't wait to steal a few snuggles from him and Joey when we come to celebrate big boy's birthday in a few hours! I promise not to check the floor for stray fur... :)

Susannah Forshey said...

*sniff* Awww..... Precious!