Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Zen of Ziggy

And weighing in at over 70 lbs..... my second youngest little boy (and most furry by far!)


We are loving our sweet, dopey, (sometimes gentle), giant!! He is so much fun, especially for Joey, who loves "riding" him! He is a wagging tail destroying, slobering, farting (yes I did just say farting on my blog!) mess, and he's all ours. :-)
I know you all are just drooling with jealousy, or maybe that's someone else drooling...

Well he is still BFFs with Mocha, who plays with him less and less frequently as Ziggy gets bigger, but still shows up whenever he wants a good romp and really seems to enjoy getting chewed on, as sick as that sounds!
He's also generous enough to make time to play with Joey, even after being presented with a new toy! He can devour a new toy (down to chewing on the bare squeaker with fluff all over the floor) in a matter of days and really eats rawhides. I mean, really dedicatedly chews on rawhides until they are gone (takes about 15 minutes for 1). I grew up with little dogs who would chew on rawhides for a few minutes, maybe like twice and then you say "ewwww" and throw them away. (the gross rawhide, not the small dog)
He weighs more than all of our other little boys put together but is always up for a quick snuggle!
This one is just for comparison! Not too long ago though....
Man's best friend!

A throwback...I couldn't help it

Once faster than a speeding bullet, Ziggy is mostly just content to be with us, and is desperate to please!
He's only 7 months, and probably a good 30 - 45 lbs from his full grown size, and we are just loving every lb of him! I'm so thrilled that he's ours!

And if he wasn't the CUTEST puppy you've ever seen, well than.... I don't know!


Susannah Forshey said...

SUCH a great dog. And I'm picky. But, we just love Ziggy. Violet still calls all dogs Ziggy and all cats Mocha (or a variation she made up called, "Milka")

Lexie said...

he is just gorgeous! and i can't believe he was ever that small! i barely remember... great pics of your cutie pies!