Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Great Finds!

Our neighbor a few streets over called us on Sunday to tell us that her neighbor was having a yard sale and had tons of little kid things (carseats, strollers, toys, books, etc.).  Even though Joey didn't really need anything we dropped by to say thanks for the heads up, and of COURSE we found a few good deals!  We got the:
Fisher-Price Classical Chorus (which is no longer available): 

There are different settings to the music and Joey can "play" as much as he likes.  It is also great for Matthew and can grow with him!  

We also found a "quarry mine tunnel" for Joey's train tracks:

It's a part of the "Thomas" series, but fits in just fine with our train tracks and since we gave Joey a COOL TRAIN for his birthday, he is having such a fun time putting his new trains down through the tunnel!

Lastly we found a great push car...

This  will be outgrown by Joey after a little while, but we hope that Matthew will enjoy it as much as he does!  

And all of this for only $15!!!  It was also nice to meet a new neighbor (who "has a TON of boy clothes if you want any!")  Hope you can all visit and get a push in Joey's new car and build some train towns with him!  

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Herb of Grace said...

Looks like a great find! Wish i coulda come too....