Sunday, February 24, 2008

First Wedding!!

Matt has been really busy but I'm hoping he has some time soon to update everyone on what he is doing. For now, here's a little update from me. :-)

Matt has been working hard to begin a wedding photography business, advertising on Craigslist everyday, passing out business cards and talking to everyone he can. Today he is shooting his first wedding, where he is the primary photographer (he's done a few others assisting, and he's also done an engagement shoot for a couple whose wedding is later this summer). He called a little while ago to say it is going really well. The wedding was over and they were in the midst of a cocktail reception, to be followed by sit-down-dinner reception. He is pleased with the shots he's gotten so far, and said that his assistant has gotten some good shots also! And he has an assistant!!

I'll leave all the rest of the updating for later, but I just wanted to share the good news today! He continues to juggle a post-graduate degree program, starting a new business, and being a husband and new father so well!! I'm so proud of him and so in love with him!!

Please take a minute, if you haven't yet to visit his website:

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