Thursday, February 28, 2008

Get LOST People!!

Several weeks ago, Matt and I rented a DVD from Blockbuster. It was like $4.99!! I thought that was insane, so, I came home and checked out Netflix. Why would anyone not do this??? If you rent 1 movie a month it's worth your money, and this way you can always have a movie or two for company, or a date at home or whatever! I really really like it! And you can keep the movie as long as you want, and you don't pay to mail it back and forth and everything is always available! It's amazing. I know I am on the later end of discovering Netflix but it's great!

So, last year in Chile, Matt and I started watching 24. One of the girls in the youth group lent Season 1 to us (later to be followed by Seasons 2 and 3) and we really liked it. I even got Season 5 for Christmas this year :-) We really like having the ability to pause, stop an episode or get up to get a bowl of ice cream (not something you can do in the middle of 24 - if you've seen it, you understand...that show moves fast!) Since the writer's strike, 24 has been on hold, and honestly, we probably won't watch the new season on T.V. I definitely don't want to be slave to a certain evening and really, the show moves to fast for me not to watch it on DVD.....

...So in lieu of something gripping to watch together Matt and I started watching Lost. I heard about it sooooo much in Santiago. My Spanish teacher actually, a very sweet 60's something woman kept asking me why I didn't watch Perdido. She couldn't believe we hadn't even heard of it. So we tried it out a little while ago and I love it! love love love it! Matt likes 24 better, but I definitely like Lost better. I think it's too late to jump into what is on T.V. (Season 4) (That's how my interest was sparked, I watched the last hour of a the Season 4 2-hr. premier.....kind of a crazy way to start, but at least I know who makes it through the first 4 seasons ;-)

Anyway if you are looking for something to occupy a little time in your evenings, I would highly recommend Lost!

If you are looking for a hook... I watched this before we started watching. Even though it's been a total! (by the's really long, and it really is a spoiler, so if I've got you interested....get netflix and rent it instead....maybe just watch a minute or two ;-)


Brian said...

Krisha and I love to get LOST! I watch 24 on DVD too, but I'm with you, Lost is better.

Further Up & Further In said...

Yeah, Netflix and Blockbuster Online are both good, but Bit Torrent is even better! Everything is freeeeeee!!!