Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lying, Cheating, and Stealing

Ok, well I'm not actually lying in this post, but I am definitely cheating (by not writing the blog) and stealing (by borrowing another blog ;-). Thanks Jamie and Lexie!!

2 Weekends ago, Matt and I were lucky enough to be able to spend a weekend with our friends Jamie and Lexie and Jamie's parents in Yosemite. It was a great time. Jamie enjoys photography alot and he and Matt have a great time comparing pictures and camera gear. After we returned Jamie put up such a good blog about the trip, complete with pictures. I thought....we could just "borrow" their blog. So if you want to read about/see our adventures, check out their blog. The also put up another one with even more pictures.

I'll put up just a few things here too ;-)

One cool thing was, we saw a bobcat, just walking around like he could care less that we were chasing after him to get a picture! You have to zoom way in to make it worthwhile, but...still very cool!

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