Wednesday, February 6, 2008

*Sigh* I want to be polite but........

Inevitably as soon as I put the baby to bed, the telemarketers start. *sigh* I want to be polite, really I do, but sometimes I just can't. So about 2 minutes ago, the phone rings, I run over, as the baby has just gone to bed, and grab it. I actually hear the little beep as he clicks over to the line after letting his little call-multiple-lines-and-find-the-poor-sucker-who-is-home-and-has-to-
answer-the-phone-so-the-baby-doesn't-wake-up machine do the hard part for him.

After the beep, and hearing the baby, I really didn't want to be nice.

Telemarketer: "Can I speak to Mr. or Mrs. Beesley??"

Laurie: "We're not interested. Thanks."

Telemarketer: "That's fine, I'll just call back."

click. (quickly hangs up before I can ask "call back???!!" What part of "we're not interested" indicates we would like to talk to you again??)


answer-the-phone-so-the-baby-doesn't-wake-up Machine: 1

Beesley's: 0