Saturday, February 9, 2008

While I am ranting....

Sometimes you just need to rant a little. I know that's what my last blog was, but, in lieu of actually downloading any pictures.... that's what I've got!

Ahhh email. Do you remember the days when you had an inbox, and a trashcan and that was it? You write a message, you send the message. Someone replies and eventually you delete the old stuff and the cycle continues. I don't remember when spam appeared but now almost everything gets sent to the "Spam" folder. Where did the folder come from?? I don't make spam. I don't read spam. I don't want spam.

When I am getting an email from someone that I haven't emailed before, I don't want to have to search through the "spam" folder to find it. I also do not want to have to examine said folder every week or so, so that important things do not slip by (i.e. online purchases, updates from library, emails from old friends...).

For the record.:

1. I do not want to give you our bank information so you can deposit $14.6 million dollars. thanks anyway.
2. I don't want a Rolex.
3. I don't remember entering your lottery so I doubt I won.
4. I'm very happy with my health and don't need any of your medication.
5. How could I be in your will?? I don't even know you!
6. How can my email address enter your contest??
and lastly and most adamantly:
7. I do not want to enlarge ANYTHING!!

1 comment:

Sarah said...

amen sister...the dozens of daily emails for enlargements are slowly turning me into a manist,sheesh. I thought girls had self-image problems.