Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A Good Time to Jump In!

Hey friends!! As some others out there in blogworld...I am especially guilty of exploring the blog links on friend's blogs....even if I don't know the family. Well there is one circling the blogsphere now that is truly amazing, so if you get a minute to check it out, or longer, it would be well worth it!

Confessions of a CF husband
is the story of a couple, Tricia and Nate, and their (Tricia's specifically) battle with very serious cystic fibrosis. On January 8, Tricia gave birth to their baby girl, Gwyneth Rose, at 24 weeks gestation. The blog (updated an impressive several times a day!) chronicles their relationship, prayer requests and health of Tricia (as she now awaits a double lung transplant) and Gwyneth (as she struggles through the difficulties of being born so early). It is truly amazing to read. I hope you all are able to check it out, and that you enjoy.

Now is, as the title of this blog, a good time to jump in, because a few days ago Nate posted a "fast track" to their story. This is a great place to start! I've never seen a blog with such a huge following.... I mean, sometimes hundreds and hundreds of comments in one post. It's had almost 800,000 views. So please, join lots and lots of others as we pray for this family!